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It seems that we are living in the best times for jewelry sellers. In the last few years, jewelry sales have grown by a few percents and this trend is expected in the next five years too. However, this increased demand for interesting pieces of jewelry has led to an increased number of jewelry sellers too. This means that the competition in this market is fierce. While it is true that it is very difficult to develop a strong jewelry business on the traditional market, the situation is a little bit different on the Internet. That’s why, if you want to sell jewelry, it’s the best option to do it online. We will use this article to help you figure out how to start an online venture like this.


As you are probably aware, there is a wide range of jewelry items available to modern customers. These pieces of jewelry come in different prices, shapes, uses, and sizes. That’s why it is better to get familiar with some of the most popular categories of jewelry today. In this way, you can choose the right niche for your online jewelry business.

First of all, there is fashion jewelry which includes relatively cheap items designed for complementing trendy clothes. They are typically made from popular alloys and simply plated with precious metals. In addition, these pieces of jewelry usually come with crystal stones.

We would also like to mention fine jewelry. This jewelry is a little bit expensive because it based on precious metals and gemstones. In most cases, fine jewelry is sold by well-known jewelers. There is also handcrafted jewelry which represents unique jewelry made by individual designers or artists. Most people who want to sell jewelry of this kind are using specialized marketplaces for handcrafted items like Etsy or they build their own websites. Another category that is worth mentioning is diamond jewelry. Although we are talking about one of the most expensive categories of jewelry, you’ll be surprised to hear how popular it is. The best part is that almost 20% of the sales in the diamond jewelry niche are made over the Internet.


There are many different types of businesses and individuals that are selling jewelry online. First and foremost, we would like to mention the retailers that already had brick and mortar shops before they have decided to use the Internet. In fact, many of these retailers were practically left without a choice because they have become aware of the fact that absence of online presentation will eventually hurt their business.

But, there are also retailers found online that are focused only on online sales. They don’t have physical stores. Many of them are selling high-end jewelry while others are selling jewelry made by unknown brands. There are also handcrafted jewelry artists and designers involved in this business. They are usually using online marketplaces like Etsy, eBay, Amazon Handmade and other similar places to sell jewelry online. Finally, even the large manufacturers have decided to enter this market in the last few years.


Selling jewelry online is one of the best business opportunities you have. This is especially true when it comes to existing jewelry sellers in brick and mortar stores and those who are passionate about jewelry. It is much easier and cheaper to set up an online store compared to a traditional store. In addition, you can promote and market your business in a simple and easy way. In the end, the online market includes millions of people from every corner of the world and all of these people are potential buyers. Click here to get started!